Pioneer Loan and Jewelry - Frequently Asked Pawn Shop Questions

What is a pawn loan:
Basically a pawn loan is a collateral loan where an item of value is left with the pawnbroker in exchange for cash.

How is the loan amount determined:
The client brings in an item and the pawnbroker determines how much to loan based various factors, including:

  1. The amount the client wishes to borrow
  2. the condition of the item.
  3. the current resale value.

How do you test the items:
Electronics and tools are visualy inspected then plugged in and tested for function.
Gold is tested with acid and diamonds are tested with a loop and then electronic testers.

How do you determine the price of gold, silver or platinum:
Our price is based on the current price of the metal which fluctuates continually.
Keep in mind that very few items are pure gold, platinum, silver etc. and many items are plated or improperly stamped.

How many loans can I have open at the same time:
You can have as many loans open as you feel comfortable with.

How are Pawn Shops regulated:
Pawn shops are highly regulated under federal law as financial institutions, and by the laws of State in which they do business.

Is my collateral secure while in pawn:
Yes. We have a vault and state of the art alarm system. All items are insured.

Do you share my personal information:
No. All transactions are confidential. We share only information as mandated by law. We do not share your information with any private parties.

Can someone else pick up my loan:
No. You are the only person who can redeem the loan.

If something is stolen from my home what should I do:
--File a police report immediately.--
Calling of emailing all the pawn shops in the state is a waste of time because the law states that we are not allowed to discuss pawn transactions with anyone, including family members, except with the person that pawned the item or with law enforcement.


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